Altron Protocol 

Welcome to Altron

Altron is a decentralized token with Tokenomics, built for the community.

Altron is made by a team of swiss people, who had enough of all these scamcoins on the market.

Our goal is to build a strong and stable growing Token with an even stronger community.

This is Altron 

Coming soon to your wallet.

Token Info 


Reflection: 4% each Transaction goes to holder

Liquidity :  3% each Transaction added into LP

Marketing:  2% each Transaction goes to Marketing

Burn Fee: 2% each Transaction goes to Burn

Private Sale Info

Dear Altron community

We want to announce, that we thought about something new, that no other Dev-Team made for their community. 

So we were thinking, that we wanna do a X-Mas private sale for Altron holders as a thank you from us, to you, our community.

The wallet number 4 is locked on DxSale till the 12.12.2021. On this day we will do a private sale for all Altron holders. But, the only way to purchase Altron in this X-Mas sale is, not having a single sell on your wallet. With this methode we are trying to bring Altron to a new level and want to thank every single holder of Altron.


Closed Wallet: 0x2d045410f002a95efcee67759a92518fa3fce677


Total Supply for Privat Sale 40T Altron.

Token Supply Distribution 



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